All information on cotton

Qualities of Cotton

Cotton has outstanding spinning properties.

When observing the fiber under a microscope it looks like a flat ribbon with corkscrew-like twists.
These torsions, which are a typical property of fully ripe cotton, often change direction of rotation..
During spinning the fibres adhere very well, despite their smooth surface, as the twists interlock like hinges.

Furthermore, cotton is very resistant towards mechanical or chemical impacts. It is very tearproof, has a high wet strength and is resistant to abrasion.

Additionally, the fiber is relatively heat resistant.
Discoloration of dry cotton starts at about 160°C while it turns brown at about 250°C.

Cotton is also easy to clean and has exquisite properties for coloration.

Yellow or brown hues which naturally occur in raw cotton weaves can be removed by bleaching in a color-safe way.
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